Adaptor 12v 10A 9ch Fuse

Adaptor 12v 10A 9ch Fuse

Rp 400.000,00

Adaptor DC  12vol.10A 9  Ch+ Panel Box Fuse

Product Description

Features :

– This 9-Channel Power Supply handles up to 9 Cameras on 12V DC Power

– Allowing you to consolidate Camera Power in a central location

– Its fused 9-terminals output which is ideal for multi-camera CCTV system installation.

– Individually Fused Outputs with LED Indicators.

Specifications :

9-Channel 12V DC 10A Regulated Power Supply for CCTV System

12V DC Regulated

9 outputs individually Fused

LED Indicator

Fuse Each Channel

Input Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Output Voltage: 12VDC, 1A Per channel for camera

Single Output: 1A, PTC (short-circuit auto-recovery)

Full-load Average Output: 1.0A

Protection: Output short circuit protection, output over current protection, overvoltage protection

Cooling Method: Air natural convection, thermal conductivity metal box. Radiation: metal box shielding electromagnetic radiation, anti-interference

Power ON/OFF switch; Spare fuses included ;

Easy installation

Application: Digital and electronic products; CCTV supervisory system; CCTV monitoring camera

Total Output Power: 120W Max.

Fuse Type: Glass Fuse

Operating Temperature -25C ~ +60C,20% ~ 90%RH

Storage Temperature: -40C ~ +70C,10% ~ 95%RH

Unit dimension: 235x205x52mm

Unit net weight: 1.3 kg


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