Adaptor 12V 30A 18ch Fuse

Adaptor 12V 30A 18ch Fuse

Rp 695.000,00

Adaptor DC 12vol.30A 18 Ch + Panel Box Fuse

Product Description


– Maximum output wattage: 360W

– Input voltages: 90 to 132V AC or 180 to 260V AC (selectable by switch)

– Frequency: 50 to 60Hz

– Current (full load): 2.5A maximum (115V AC) 1.6A maximum (230V AC)

– Inrush current: <60A maximum (115V AC)/60A maximum (230V AC)

– Leakage current: <3.5mA/240V AC

– Output voltage: 12V DC

– Voltage accuracy: ± 2.5%

– Maximum current: 30A

– Line regulation: ± 0.5%

– Load regulation: ± 1%

– Minimum load: 0%

– Typical efficiency: 84%

– Adjustable extent of output voltage: 9 to 15V DC

– Ripple and noise (maximum): 150mV

– Hold-up time: 20m/s minimum

– Switching frequency: 30 to 100KHz

– Protection over load: 105 to 150% rated output power

– Protection type: auto recovery

– Short circuit protection type: auto recovery

– Electric strength input-output power supply: 1,500V AC

– Input-FG: 1,500V AC Output-FG: 1,500V AC

– Isolation resistance input-output, input-FG, output-FG: 100MΩ/500V DC

– Environment operating temperatures: -10 to 50°C (refer to the point 4 output load duration curve)

– Storage temperatures: -25 to 85°C

– Temperature coefficient: ±0.03%°C (0°C50,000 hours at 25°C (MIL-HDBK0217F)

– Vibration: 10 to 500Hz, 2G 10min./1cycle, 60min. each along x, y, z axis


– Cooling method: naturally air-cooled

– Safety and EMC: safety standards Ul60950 EN60950 EMI: EN55011 class B, EN55022 class B EMS immunity: EN55024 EN61000-6-2 Harmonic current: EN61000-3-2 Size: 315 x 215 x 65mm


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