Solid NVR SLN-6604F

Solid NVR SLN-6604F

Rp 845.000,00

NVR SOLID  4 Ch  SLN-6604F /7904F (4CH 1080)   1*720P

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Product Description

Features :

H.264 compression format : stream higher quality, longer recording time, taking less bandwidth resources.

Display : support both VGA and TV output, the VGA resolution can reach 1280*1024, have the function of preview and playback.

Playback quality : realtime CIF video, each channel can be playback freely, option: normal play, speed play, fastback play, manual single frame slow play, support drag the progress bar can be targeted playback time directly.

Mobile monitor support : iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, Android remote view.

Device USB support : Support 2X SATA connector and 2X 2.0 USB HDD, achieve the USB Mouse, copy, recording, upgrading, etc.

Easy to use System operation : interface, powerful mouse right click menu function.

Network support : 3G/DHCP/PPOE/FTP/DNS/DDNS/NTP/UPNP/EMAIL/IP limits of authority, IP searching / Alarm as well WEB/End-clients side, SDK.

Multi-language : English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Farsi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Chinese and Turkish.

Customization : Flexible customize production for monitoring functions and accept startup picture change.

Others : the consummate circuit protection, special tripartite alarm functions ensure machine never down, unique black box technology, can realize the process monitor, extremely reduced the maintenance cost, The front panel, USB panel and SDK as well accessories are all compatible to former projects.


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